Sprinkler & Valves

Duyar is an organization which grew steadily since 1965 with large manufacturing facility in Turkey. The growth is evident as the facility now functions with a computerized foundry to mold and cast the housings of the products in-house that ensures effective cost & with in-house quality assurance. The foundry has equipment with different capacities to become self-sufficient in the pursuit establishing an in-house facility in the products that cater to Fire and Security systems. The foundry also boasts a high technological testing facility to process the castings to conform to the respective international standards of  manufacturing. Duyar proudly announces that the organization has become the entity for meeting point of continuously improving “progress and solution”. The company builds products to the entire satisfaction of its customers in terms of cost optimization from supply to installation and maintenance with the international accreditations from UL, FM Approved, LPCB, BRE Global, and TSE.

The company growth is mainly attributed to the comprehensive in-house facility engineered, measured & developed, fine-tuned and controlled by a dedicated team of employees including engineering professionals of respective disciplines and technicians trained in their trades for the continuous improvement of processes and reliability engineering. DUAYR is having highest level of services and logistic support under all circumstances with 65 elite dealerships all over Turkey.