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D-SB604 Sounder Detector Base  


D-SB604 Sounder Detector Base is designed for use audible and visual indication of detectors. The detectors are plug-in type photoelectric smoke sensors D-DD501, D-ED501, D-DK230, D-EK230, heat detectors D-DD502,D-DK231, Combined detectors D-DD502, D-DC232. Where needed D-SB604A Sounder Base can be used instead of DD-T Base.

Upon activation The D-SB604A illuminates four red indicator through distributed light guides, situated on the detector base. The four indicators provide 360° visibility. The Leds can be reset by the detector and extinguished by momentarily removing the power source. D-SB604A is non-transparent white color as the detectors.



Sounder Detector Base for DD and ED series devices
Microprocessor controlled
87dB Sound Level
White ABS material
Diameter: 12cm Height:4,3cm