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D-LE505 Loop Extension Module  


D-LE505 Loop Extension Module is designed for expanding loop capacity of D-AA504 Fire Alarm Control Panel. Every D-LE505 Loop Extension Module consists four loop socket. LK401 Loop Cards can be connected to these slots. On one D-AA504 panel 3 extra D-LE505 modules can be connected. This means D-AA504 FACP can be extended up to 16 loops.

The communication with the D-AA504 FACP done by RS485 bus. So, the connection between modules and panel is done by only two twisted pair cables. The distance between D-AA504 FACP and D-LE505 Loop Extension Modules can be maximum 100 meters depending the site conditions. This feature enables that D-LE505 modules can be used as Site Modules.



Connection AA504 FACP extends 4 loop by module
4 slots for LK401 Loop Card
Can be connected up to 3 modules per AA504
Selectable by Dip RS485 interface Switch 3 Loop groups ( 4 loops 3 modules) ( 5-8/9-12/13-16 Loop Selection)
RS485 interface
Internal power supply
2x 7Ah Battery Backup
LK401 Loop Card/Cards not included
Dimensions: 34,5x36x10,5cm
Metal Case Body