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D-K8A – 8 Zone Conventional FACP

D-K8A 8 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panes


D-K8A 8 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panes are designed by the leading technology and microprocessor based devices. The devices are user-friendly and simple to understand. DEKON D-K8A is 8 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panels.

On both devices there separate auxiliary power outputs 24V. For installation of additional functional devices there is no need an additional power source as they are available onboard.

DEKON D-K8A is 8 zone centrals. The devices are manufactured in SMD Technology and compile with EN 54-2/4 standard. The centrals are compatible with all detectors and devices that comply with EN54 standards.



8 Zone
Separate Alarm
Short-circuit, Open circuit and Bypass Leds for each zone
Key lock for Access Level 1
Plastic Case
User-friendly installation and programming
Day/Night Mode
RS232 Interface
1 Supervised Siren Out
3 Open Collector Outputs
Alarm and Error relay Outputs
12V and 24V Auxiliary Power Outputs
EN54-2/4 Compatible
Dimensions: 34,5x36x10,5cm