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D-IO404 Addressable 4 in 1 Input/output Module


D-IO404 Addressable 4 in 1 Input/output Module is designed for the gather inputs from outside of the fire alarm system or give output to control the devices that will indicate any alarms or trigger any device connected to the system. The module is plug-in type input or output with addressable analog communications. When working as input module, it transmits an analog representation of inputs over a communication line to the control panel. When working as output it receives data from the control panel and triggers the relay or sounder that was connected to the system. Inside MCU’s EEPROM keep the sensor’s address that can be set by a portable Address setting deviceD-PP201Device Programmer

The operation mode of the module can be programmed by the D-PP201 device programmer. The module can work in four different operation modes;

  1. 1. Supervised Input Module
    2. Conventional Input Module
    3. Relay Output Module
    4. Sounder Supervised Output Module


• Dip Switch selectable
• Can be Input Module
• Conventional Input Module
• Output Module and Siren Supervised Output Module
• Open Contact Connectors for Relay
• Optical Isolation
• Easy Installation
• EN54-18 Compatible
• Dimensions: 9x7x6cm