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D-BM050 Beam Smoke Detector


The D-BM050 Beam Smoke Detector is designed for smoke detection at the early stage of fire. It is particularly suitable for protection of premises where smoke appearance is expected in the first phase of the fire and where installation of a large number of point smoke detectors would be necessary due to a large area. Compared to point smoke detectors, beam detectors are sensitive to a medium smoke density value on a long path of the infrared radiation beam. Therefore they are especially suitable for application under high ceilings/roofs or in those places, where smoke can be diffused over a large area before detection.

A distinctive feature of the D-BM050 detector is its arrangement of transmitter and receiver in one housing and interaction with a prism reflector or a reflector panel placed on the opposite wall. A single casing embraces a laser pointer that enables optical path axis alignment between the detector and the reflector/set of reflectors



• 10-50 perception distance
• Transmitter/Receiver
• Reflector Included
• User friendly Installation
• Laser Pointer for easy adjustment,
• Selectable two different threshold Level
• Alarm and Error Relays
• Dimensions: 129 x 80 x 84 mm